"Beyond The Mangrove Trees" will take you on a magical

journey through the waters, swamps and beaches of South

Florida's pristine habitats. More than 160 photos of gators,

crocs, manatees, birds, bobcats and other wildlife are featured in 5​ different "Encounters" which make you feel like you are actually there! Caution: You might learn something about these critters as well! Book size is 9" X 12"



Over the past several years I have been very fortunate to capture some great photos of various wildlife here in South Florida. To share these "gifts" with the public I have created 2 books "Beyond The Mangrove Trees" and "Beneath The Emerald Waves". ​

Thank you! Master Naturalist / Author Bob McConville

​     $29.95

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and shipping

"Beneath The Emerald Waves" invites you into the local waters to learn about our dolphin population. Follow adult female Sintas as she recalls her life as a calf and sub-adult, eventually becoming a mom and raising her little one Fireball. 100 photos of dolphins in a 9" X 12" book are here to enhance your knowledge of these extremely intelligent mammals.