Over the past several years I have been very fortunate to capture some great photos of various wildlife here in South Florida. To share these "gifts" with the public I have created 2 books "Beyond The Mangrove Trees" and "Beneath The Emerald Waves". ​

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Thank you! Master Naturalist / Author Bob McConville

"Beneath The Emerald Waves" invites you into the local waters to learn about our dolphin population. Follow adult female Sintas as she recalls her life as a calf and sub-adult, eventually becoming a mom and raising her little one named Fireball. 100 photos of dolphins are here to enhance your knowledge of these extremely intelligent mammals. 



"Beyond The Mangrove Trees" will take you on a magical

journey through the waters, swamps and beaches of South

Florida's pristine habitats. More than 160 photos of gators,

crocs, manatees, birds, bobcats and other wildlife are featured in 5​ different "Encounters" which make you feel like you are actually there! Caution: You might learn something about these critters as well!