While most books consist of chapters, I label these as "Encounters" because you get the feeling you are actually there! Your first Encounter is with gators, crocs and snakes. Encounter 2 will introduce you to the area birds. # 3 is everyone's favorite....dolphins, manatees and other marine life. Finally you will visit with some of the other critters of the region and then go beyond the mangrove trees for a finale.

In addition to the pictures there is educational information. Some comical interludes will also make this fun reading. Primarily the focus is on pictures and there are many unique photos for you to enjoy!

I am happy to sign each copy and personalize it for you, so get your copy of "Beyond The Mangrove Trees" today!             Thanks!!!!                                          Bob McConville, Author / Master Naturalist 

Over the past several years I have been very fortunate to capture some great photos of various wildlife here in South Florida. To share these "gifts" with the public I have created a book "Beyond The Mangrove Trees". Nearly 200 photos of gators, dolphins, manatees, birds and other animals will take you on a magical journey through the waters, swamps and beaches of our pristine habitats. ​​

​$ 29.95